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A doctor draws blood from a young patient's finger

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type making up 90-95% of the cases in the U.S. It is much more prevalent in adults, but rising rapidly in the pediatric population. The diabetes is gradual in onset caused by insulin resistance with a progressive decrease in insulin secretion. It has strong genetic influences and affects every ethnic group with higher risk among Native American, African-American, Latino, Asian-American and Pacific Islander ethnic groups. Due to its progressive nature, many may go undiagnosed for years increasing the occurrence of future complications of the disease.

Currently, there are 14 classes of diabetic medications approved for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes in adults. Only 2 classes are approved in children, but many studies are underway for pediatric use of these medications. Keeping up with the latest diabetic treatment options requires additional expertise. At Down East Diabetology, we are committed to helping our patients achieve the best diabetic control individually possible by utilizing the most up to date treatments to support our patients.