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It is estimated that 86 million Americans >20 years of age have prediabetes, making up 37% of the population. The risk increases with age such that 51% of those >65 years are affected. Unfortunately, there are not good estimates for the impact of prediabetes in the pediatric population. While many treat prediabetes as less significant than diabetes, studies continue to show that treatment during the prediabetic stage delays the development of diabetes and its potential complications. More emphasis needs to be on early recognition through screening and treatment during this phase of the disease process to slow its progression.

Finding medical providers to manage prediabetes in the pediatric, adolescent and young adult age groups can sometimes be challenging. At Down East Diabetology, we recognize that early intervention with prediabetes is crucial to altering the course of diabetes in a person’s life and we strive to support patients with this disease process as early as possible.