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A doctor measures a child's heart rate

Type 1 diabetes, once called juvenile-onset diabetes, has long been thought of as a pediatric disease. Accounting for 5-10% of the diabetes in the U.S., it affects all ages. Before the discovery of insulin in 1921, the diagnosis was a death sentence. With improved medical care, children with Type 1 diabetes can now grow into productive adults and live with the disease over 50 years. It is an autoimmune disease process in which insulin deficiency is caused by the destruction of the insulin producing ß-cells in the pancreas. Autoimmune diseases are associated with Type 1 diabetes including thyroid disorders, Vitamin B12 deficiency, vitiligo, celiac disease and others, making monitoring for these comorbidities important.

Often times, Type 1 diabetes is the most difficult type to manage. New technologies are constantly being developed to aid in the management of this disease. At Down East Diabetology, we offer diabetes expertise in addition to a wide range of downloadable glucose meters, continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps to meet your individual diabetic needs.